15 Tips for a Successful Recruitment Marketing Strategy in 2023

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#Advertise jobs on social media & search engines

That’s the number one tip. 

In hiring, the challenges will continue in 2023. Retaining and acquiring talents will still be key to success. Advertising jobs on social media & search engines make an effective recruitment marketing strategy considering it can help businesses lower cost-per-apply and reduce friction in the process.. 

Promoting open jobs with Social Media & search engines enables companies to advertise campaigns on multiple channels, targeting qualified passive candidates. The platforms provide improved budget control, faster job campaign creation management, and higher assertiveness. 

By inserting social media & search engines as a recruitment marketing strategy, businesses tend to get new, more qualified, and engaged candidates completing their job applications in the ATS.

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To provide our readers with complete information and trend on recruitment marketing strategy in 2023, we have asked the question "What are some tips you have for a killer recruitment marketing strategy in 2023?" to some specialists.  From exploring different mediums to maximizing your efforts through AI, here are 14 tips to help companies improve or build their strategy:

  • Work With Different Mediums
  • Know Your Ideal Candidate Persona
  • Grow Your Talent Community
  • Hire for More Remote Work to Increase Your Talent Pool
  • Sponsor Vlogs and Podcasts as a Recruitment Strategy
  • Optimize Your Careers Page
  • Take Part in Job Fairs & Career Conferences
  • Use Data to Identify the Most Qualified Talent
  • Set Recruiting Goals
  • Get Employee Reviews for Social Proof Credibility
  • Build Buzz About Your Benefits
  • Give Employees Referral Bonuses
  • Optimize Your Second-Degree Networking
  • Adopt the Latest in Recruitment AI

Work With Different Mediums

Sure, good content is the cornerstone of any marketing strategy, but what's the point of it if you aren't reaching your target audience? 

Aside from creating an engaged audience, we need to place more emphasis on experimenting with different mediums to see what works best. A solid digital marketing strategy is one that makes use of multiple platforms and mediums rather than limiting itself to just one. 

For example, you may have seen significant results via email marketing, but that doesn't mean you should discard mediums like blogs or podcasts.

Harry Morton, Founder, Lower Street

Know Your Ideal Candidate Persona

You can have access to great recruiting marketing software and HR technology, but if you don’t know your ideal candidate persona, then it will be like throwing darts in the dark. 

Finding the proper candidate to fit your job openings is not just merely a task about learning their qualifications and experience, it is knowing what they want a job to provide for them and what their goals are.

Understanding what a potential candidate wants in a role, the challenges they wish to encounter, and their long-term goals, will not only ensure that they have the proper qualifications to perform their jobs, but the qualities that will make them want to stay. 

By doing your research and identifying your ideal candidate persona, you will better your chances that the candidate you get is the best fit and that you won’t have to be going through this process all over again.

David Derigiotis, CIO, Embroker

Grow Your Talent Community

Use your branded content to capture the attention of suitable candidates and invite them to join your talent community. Examples of branded content are blog posts and videos that sell your company as a great place to work.

By creating a talent community, you will have a pool of candidates who you can nurture so that when positions open up, you have a selection of qualified candidates to draw from who are already familiar with your employer's brand. 

This kind of personalized outreach is far more impactful than the usual mass-market hiring approaches and significantly cuts down on your talent acquisition costs.

David Aylor, CEO & Lawyer, David Aylor Law Offices

Hire for More Remote Work to Increase Your Talent Pool

If at all possible for the roles you are hiring for, offer the option for fully remote or hybrid working environments to attract a much wider and younger range of applicants. 

The world has become more global and when you can increase the bandwidth of your hiring efforts, you will naturally create more competition for your positions and have candidates to choose from in pursuit of filling your roles.

Ubaldo Perez, Founder & CEO, Hush

Sponsor Vlogs and Podcasts as a Recruitment Strategy

Sponsoring a vlog or a podcast is one of the most cost-effective recruitment strategies at the moment. Their ROI is also considerably high compared to other advertisement options owing to how targeted the approach is. 

Also, few companies are doing it, meaning there's less competition for the audience's attention in these spaces. It's thus easier to stand out and build rapport with the potential candidates that regularly follow the vlog/podcast you're sponsoring. 

The trick is to advertise jobs with these content producers that are a good fit for their niche audiences/listeners.

Arthur Worsley, Founder, The Art Of Living

Optimize Your Careers Page

Most job searchers will look at your website when they're interested in learning more. Your website is virtual real estate—it's a space for you to make a mark on the internet, and to tell candidates why your company is a great place to work.

Candidates have grown to expect this, and will actively seek your careers page when they're interested in learning more. If yours is empty or out-of-date, it's a lost opportunity to explain what sets your culture apart. This could significantly affect the size and quality of your talent pool.

To optimize your careers page, make sure that all the information is easy to find and readily available. This includes the positions you have open, what the benefits look like, and why other employees think it's a great place to work. 

These efforts enable you to promote your organization more efficiently, and augment your recruitment marketing funnel in ways that keep candidates rolling in.

Max Wesman, Chief Operating Officer, GoodHire

Take Part in Job Fairs & Career Conferences

Participate in job fairs and career conferences, both virtual and on-site. These are excellent opportunities to showcase your company to potential candidates. They can ask questions and learn about various options for professional growth and career advancement in your organization, plus other employee benefits.

Distribute brochures about your company and small giveaways like pens with your company name and logo so applicants will remember you. Make it easy for candidates to apply right there. Have the forms ready, and be sure to get potential candidates’ contact information for follow-up and to build your talent pool.

When possible, give talks on topics relevant to job-seekers and particulars of your company. For example, you can talk about how companies can help with sustainability and then cite your company’s sustainability programs.

Kevin Huang, Founder & CEO, Ambient Home US

Use Data to Identify the Most Qualified Talent

In 2023, the most successful recruitment marketing strategies will be those that can identify and target the most qualified talent. 

To do this, organizations will need to have a strong understanding of their ideal candidate profile and use data-driven methods to attract and engage candidates. 

Additionally, it will be important to stay up-to-date with the latest recruiting technology and trends in order to remain competitive.

Linda Shaffer, Chief People Operations Officer, Checkr

Set Recruiting Goals

Recruitment marketing is important to attract candidates to your company. The increase in competition in hiring has forced many corporations and HR employers to work on new strategies to create awareness about the benefits of joining their firms. 

Setting goals is one of the best ways to attract candidates for your desired need in a company. Try making it clear to the candidates what are your goals and what are your particular strategies. This would help eliminate bad hiring rates. It also helps you see if you are hiring the right candidates for a particular position.

Joe Troyer, CEO & Growth Advisor, Digital Triggers

Get Employee Reviews for Social Proof Credibility

As trust in companies continues to decline, one key element that will become increasingly important is building up your company reviews profile on sites like Glassdoor.

By leveraging the voice of your employees and former employees through honest, authentic reviews, you can establish social proof and credibility that will help attract more top talent to your organization. Your next employee wants to hear from your current and former employees, not you. They trust the opinion of their peers. Give your candidates a channel to learn from your employees. 

Whether you are a B2B SaaS company or another type of business, tapping into this valuable resource will be critical for success in 2023 and beyond. So if you want to create a killer recruitment marketing strategy for your organization, start focusing on building up your reviews profile today.

Joe Kevens, Founder & Director of Demand Gen, B2B SaaS Reviews

Build Buzz About Your Benefits

In 2023, a valuable recruitment marketing strategy is showcasing your business as a talent destination. 

Highlight and emphasize the benefits that make your company stand out from competitors. Whatever company culture makes your employees happy is your selling point in the recruitment market.

Grace He, People & Culture Director, teambuilding.com

Give Employees Referral Bonuses

Why not get your current talent to recruit talent for you? There's an incentive, of course, such as a referral bonus. 

This encourages employees to use their social media networks to promote job openings while sharing their stories of what it's like to work at the company. This strategy has worked wonders for us and has saved the human resources department time by keeping our recruitment budget above water.

Jarir Mallah, HR Specialist, Ling App

Optimize Your Second-Degree Networking

Don’t limit your recruitment search to your first-degree contact list. Instead, leverage the network of your contacts by searching for talents in their second-degree contacts on LinkedIn. This broadens the talent pool to choose from while saving your recruitment team the time and effort of hunting them down in various channels.

Be aggressive in your sourcing strategy. Reach out to qualified candidates instead of waiting passively for inbound applications. Add them as connections, then make an offer or invite them to apply to your existing job application platform.

Stacie Tyler, CFO, Walk Big Media

Adopt the Latest in Recruitment AI

The only way to win the recruitment war with your competition and survive an increasingly hostile recruiting environment is to adopt AI solutions. And since 2023 will be the biggest year yet for AI, you already have the advantage of perfect timing on your side. 

Now, all you have to do is give in to your instincts and line up the right mix of automated solutions. With accurate information and insights, less manual and more smart work to ease the pressure on your personnel and better quality data to plan your recruitment marketing campaigns. Adding AI to your strategy is bound to provide high value and ROI.

Brendan McGreevy, Head of Strategy, Affinda