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Developing An Effective Mobile Recruiting Strategy [Tips]

[fa icon="calendar"] Sep 11, 2019 2:24:00 PM / by Christopher Hopkins

Christopher Hopkins

45% of job seekers use their mobile device to search for jobs at least once a day. 89% think that mobile devices play a critical role in the job hunt. Think about that for a moment. Without an effective mobile recruiting strategy, you are missing out on dozens of candidates that could fill key roles in your company.

Fortunately, it’s not that difficult to make sure that you’re able to handle mobile recruiting.

mobile recruiting strategy

Talentify is a mobile first recruiting platform that can help you tap into those candidates. Claim your free demo today and we’ll show you how.


Why A Mobile Recruiting Strategy Is Important

There are a number of reasons why being optimized for mobile in your advertising is absolutely vital to recruiting strategy.

Besides just the above mentioned issue where most people will be on a smartphone or tablet when they first find your job ads, you should also consider that having a mobile strategy in place will speed up the hiring process. Using only options that can be conveniently accessed on a desktop, you require that candidates be at home when they have the impulse to apply to your position. Not only at home, but also in front of a computer.

In this way, recruitment advertising is no different from any other digital marketing. The more roadblocks you put in the way of your target audience, the fewer of them will fully convert into the leads that you’re looking for. You are competing for mere seconds of attention span, so it’s important that you don’t waste any of it.

Further, having a mobile strategy allows you to better plan your other recruitment efforts to take advantage of the available technology. For example, Talentify uses mobile-first technology that will allow you to not only better capture mobile applicants, but bring offline advertising into an online space. If you have a mobile recruiting strategy in place, you can more effectively use the tools you have at your disposal to attract quality applicants.


What You Need In Your Strategy

There are a number of things you need to consider, but here are the basics.

  1. Ensure that your recruitment website is mobile friendly and loads quickly.
  2. Check on your ATS or recruitment technologies to ensure that there are not mobile tools that you are not using but could be. Take the time to learn and integrate these tools into your regular recruitment tasks.
  3. Plan for how you will engage and re-engage your prospects. Who is getting the online applications? How are they reaching out to qualified candidates? How quickly can they do that and is there a way to speed things up? Time kills all deals, even recruitment ones.
  4. Are you collecting the least information you need? The longer the application, the greater the chance that the candidate will not complete it. While it would be nice to use your ATS integration and have them fill out all of the data for you, you could be losing people.
  5. Plan for how your mobile advertising will work with other candidate sourcing. 

You can use Talentify to help you address most of these points easily. We can explain how our platform will help your business in a free demo. Sign up for yours here.


What To Improve

A key aspect to your mobile recruiting strategy is to identify pain points and bottlenecks in your current approach and ensure that you can correct them moving forward. The three qualities that you should most be focused on improving are speed, accuracy, and engagement.

Speed is both the speed at which you reply to a qualified candidate and the speed at which they are able to apply. This can involve making sure your website is hosted on a server that loads quickly, that you’re using software which engages the customer quickly, that your application process is streamlined, and that your recruiters are immediately notified of incoming applications among other concerns.

Accuracy means not only your ability to contact the right applicant, but making sure they you’re doing so in a timely manner. In this case, “accuracy” also includes organization to make sure that you’re not letting a potentially great applicant get lost in the system as well as checking that any hyper personalization you use to better connect with candidates is correct. You don’t want to mention somebody’s time working internationally when they’ve never left the country before.

Finally, engagement means remaining in contact with the candidate and ensuring that they stick with you throughout the process. Hyper personalization like what I mentioned above is one way. Pre-screening candidates so that people who meet the criteria for the position are identified and informed, making them more likely to remain interested also helps. Developing a system where your recruiters are able to periodically reach out to interesting prospects during lulls in the hiring process can drastically change your success rate.

There are other aspects of the hiring process that you can optimize as part of a mobile recruiting strategy, but if you focus on breaking down your processes, improving common issues, and planning to take advantage of the available technology, you’ll see significantly better results.

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Christopher Hopkins

Written by Christopher Hopkins

Christopher Hopkins is a marketing specialist at Talentify.io, a mobile-first Results-as-a-Service recruitment platform that helps recruiters reach and attract modern-day job seekers. He lends nearly 20 years of expertise in using online tools to finding valuable data, bringing people to the information that they need. He spends his time sharing what he's learned in order to help people to improve their hiring practices and enhance their recruitment strategies. When he's not doing that, he's fencing, cooking, or looking too deeply into dumb movies and smart comics.