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Innovate Your Way Out of Workforce Problems

[fa icon="calendar"] Feb 6, 2020 2:21:00 PM / by Christopher Hopkins

Christopher Hopkins

While we all understand that the world is rapidly changing, it can be difficult to understand the scope of that evolution. Not only technologically, but socially there is a sea change that radically alters the way that we interact with one another, the way we live, and most importantly for this topic, the way we work.



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Old methods in recruiting become obsolete quicker than before, and sometimes outdated within a year or two of being adopted. This is why consistent innovation is absolutely vital to the continued health and strength of your recruiting pipeline. You need to implement systems that give you the flexibility to move with new trends while not getting too far ahead of them.


Mobile is the New Job Board

If your career site is not optimized for mobile, then you are missing out on some of your best potential candidates. Despite the increased use of smartphones, job boards frequently deprioritize showing posts to mobile applicants because so few apply pages are mobile optimized.  Our 2019 statistics are in and 85% of Talentify applicants used the mobile experience to apply for jobs. Mobile conversion rates are double that of desktop. Without mobile-first, you're losing out on valuable candidates. 

Speed and simplicity are key to effective mobile recruiting in 2020It is crucial to keep a consistent brand, but also important to ensure a separation between your career page, which should be vibrant, rich, and engaging for people researching your company, and your apply page, which needs to be optimized as a path to applicant conversion. The physical apply experience should be as direct as possible and involve the minimum number of elements to encourage both quick loading times and completed applications for those 85% of people.

This circles back around to page speed and load times. We did a study of the top 125 companies in the Senior Living sector to see who had the fastest career pages and found that overwhelmingly, businesses are not optimized for mobile applications. Slow pages can result in up to 40% fewer conversions from applicants that you need.


Recruiters Are Wasting Time

The most frustrating part of being a recruiter is taking care of the grunt work associated with the job. On average, they can only spend about 5-7 seconds scanning a resume, not least because they can waste up to 63% of their week making prospecting calls, frequently to people they have already spoken to.

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Much of this derives from methods of saving time on the applicant’s end like “Apply to All” buttons. Easy Apply functions can be a nightmare for recruiters who have to sort hundreds of resumes every week for people who might not fit the needs of a particular job, but a job board’s algorithm determined that their search query was close enough. What’s worse is that because of the nature of Apply to All options, the people your recruiters are calling might not even realize they applied to your job.

What this means is that recruiters are not only skipping people that might be ideal for a job just because of the time it takes to follow up with them, but they are also missing out on people who might be perfect for another position. Your recruiter doesn’t have the time to make the connection, which means that you are letting somebody else’s computer determine who you hire, at least to some extent.


The Right Technology Can Solve These Problems

Part of why we started Talentify was to address these specific issues. The system can generate fast loading job application pages and quizzes that make sure that the people who are applying for your jobs are not only qualified, but will be more likely to complete the application. Some of our customers have seen their mobile application rates go from less than 3% to over 30% in the first 60 days.

Further, using the data from the job quizzes, Talentify’s AI can prioritize the people who best match the job description, making it easier for recruiters to not only call the highest quality candidates, but also weed out click and apply bots designed to waste advertising dollars and recruitment’s time.

With the workforce crisis in Senior Living and potentially expanding into other industries, it’s more important than ever to ensure that recruitment remains lean, focused, and cutting edge. That’s why new technologies that are easy to implement are essential parts of a modern recruitment marketing strategy.

The arc of innovation should always be bent toward taking a burden off a worker rather than replacing them. There are some jobs that only a human can do, and the right tools can let them do those jobs more effectively. A flexible innovation strategy will bring you more candidates for less and futureproof your recruitment marketing.

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Christopher Hopkins

Written by Christopher Hopkins

Christopher Hopkins is a marketing specialist at Talentify.io, a mobile-first Results-as-a-Service recruitment platform that helps recruiters reach and attract modern-day job seekers. He lends nearly 20 years of expertise in using online tools to finding valuable data, bringing people to the information that they need. He spends his time sharing what he's learned in order to help people to improve their hiring practices and enhance their recruitment strategies. When he's not doing that, he's fencing, cooking, or looking too deeply into dumb movies and smart comics.