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Here at Talentify, we like to keep up on what other people are saying about the industry and look for ways that we can be helpful. That’s why we found this blog from Recruitee so fascinating. While it mentions it in passing in one section, I think we can make the case that full cycle recruiting can benefit from using a quality programmatic solution at several points in the process.

At almost every step, programmatic recruiting can step in to streamline operations, take part of the burden off of the recruiter, and heavily reduce bias that can slip in, especially when only one person is handling every aspect of sourcing & hiring. Put simply: it magnifies the benefits of full cycle recruiting while minimizing the flaws.

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What is Full Cycle Recruiting?

When a single recruiter handles the entire recruitment cycle from sourcing to onboarding, that is considered full cycle recruiting. Most companies employ this methodology when they are just starting out because they simply can’t afford to have a dedicated talent acquisition team, but more businesses are having their TA professionals focus on bringing specific candidates through the whole process.

There are a number of reasons why they would adopt this system. First of all, it reduces the amount of information that can get lost in the handoff between people. Summaries of interviews and phone screens can leave out important information that are just known if only one person is handling the whole cycle.

Further, full cycle recruiting allows for tactical planning that supports strategic goals, finding any issues with every step of the process and using that data to continuously improve how talent acquisition is approached. The key decision maker is also the person on the ground, in this case.

If there is a glaring issue, however, it’s that it puts a lot of pressure on a single person. That’s why we recommend having a software solution that will do the menial bits of the work so that your TA professionals can focus on things that only a human can do well.


Where Programmatic Comes In

The easier way to see where machine learning and programmatic fits into full cycle recruiting is probably to use the Recruitee Blog as an outline and just go point by point. 

  1. Defining the vacancy - While not all programmatic solutions have this ability, Talentify is an example of one that can help you to write better job descriptions which are more likely to convert. Further, it can take those job descriptions and use them to develop pre-screening questions that clean up the top of your recruiting funnel and direct unqualified candidates to jobs they might be better suited for. This reduces the time that your talent acquisition team spends sorting through resumes, trying to find the ones that actually fit the position.
  2. Sourcing Candidates - This is often what’s thought of when somebody brings up “programmatic recruiting.” Part of what the AI and machine learning aspects of the software can do is identify the best, most productive sources and adjust budgets and bandwidth to better take advantage of those. Talentify can also utilize organic sources like Jobs on Facebook and Google for Jobs, then put the results directly into your ATS, saving your recruiters time and effort while keeping an accurate record of applicants.
  3. Shortlisting Candidates - The benefit of machine learning is that it is constantly using the data you give it to improve how it accomplishes recruiting tasks. This can include prioritizing candidates for interview based on pre-screening responses, particular skills, application source, or any number of other factors. It makes things easier for the full cycle recruiter to focus their attention on asking the right questions and keeping the best candidates engaged throughout the process.
  4. Interviewing candidates - The time and effort saved with the above programmatic services can be spent, instead, on learning more about the candidates and getting to know them better, so interviews can focus on clarifying questions and getting to the heart of an applicant’s experience and skills. The increased engagement also goes a long way toward reducing candidate ghosting.
  5. & 6.  Negotiation/Offer & Onboarding - At this point, we’re past the main areas where programmatic recruiting will have a direct impact on full cycle recruitment, but the time and effort saved above can go a long way toward reducing the length of the hiring cycle, increasing conversion rates, improving hire quality, and lowering turnover in the long run. 

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Supporting Your Staff

If you’re going to adopt full cycle recruiting at your company (or you already use it), then a programmatic solution is absolutely for you. It’ll help your talent acquisition team not only find better fits for various positions, but also shoulder part of their burden. 

The best thing you can do for your full cycle recruitment professionals is to get them a programmatic solution that can be the constant support they need to build you an incredible team.


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