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Top 5 Programmatic Marketing Solutions in the US [List]

[fa icon="calendar"] Jul 31, 2019 2:36:00 PM / by Andrew France

Andrew France

Programmatic marketing is making its rounds in the job recruiting industry. Simply put, if you’re not using programmatic job advertising, you’re either quickly falling behind your competition or wasting countless hours doing tasks that can be easily automated.


Programmatic job advertising may seem like a difficult concept to grasp, but it’s actually easier than it looks.

In a nutshell, it consists of allocating the buying and placement of job advertisements using software as opposed to using humans. This way, advertisers are able to target their ideal demographics while saving them from overspending on clicks that don’t convert. 

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But after you decide to implement, how do you know which applications to use? Here are the top five programmatic marketing solutions in the United States:


Appcast top 5 programmatic marketing solutions

Appcast is best known for its namesake pay-per-applicant job ad exchange. With Appcast, recruiters are able to gain more candidates across the whole spectrum of open jobs. But most importantly, you only have to pay when someone applies. 

Appcast changes how employers, recruitment & staffing firms, ad agencies, and job sites attract high-quality job seekers. 

Clickcast is the programmatic job solution through Appcast. With Clickcast, recruiters are able to diversify candidate traffic sources, maximize net revenue for excess ad inventory, and reduce waste budget by 10 percent, among other things.

Additionally, Appcast is compatible with many applicant tracking software, recently announcing a partnership Greenhouse.


PandoLogic  PLogic_Logo_200_fullcolor_wsheader

PandoLogic's key advantage is that it sells itself as an end-to-end recruitment solution, meaning that they not only help with candidate searches, but they also make recommendations to ensure that you are selling yourself to the candidate in a way that will get them to accept an offer.

Its AI learning algorithms are good at identifying important skills for a given job posting and guiding companies toward the candidates with accomplishments that exemplify those skills.


Recruitics recruitics-logo

Recruitics utilizes a data driven decision making, broad search capabilities, and creative search methodologies to identify, screen, and match high level contributors to meet the recruitment objectives of the clients.

Recruitics is unique in that it was the first recruitment marketing analytics platform, and they use their experience to good effect.


Perengo top 5 programmatic marketing solutions

Large companies use the Perengo DSP (Demand Side Platform) to solve their workforce recruitment challenges at a large scale. Benefits of the platform are additional audience reach, better campaign management, and a smarter budgeting of recruitment finances.

As an additional benefit, Perengo seamlessly integrates with most ATS providers, including Taleo and iCIMS.


Talentify top 5 programmatic marketing solutions

Last, but certainly not least is our programmatic job advertising software here at Talentify. We are unique in that we attempt to get more candidates from both free and paid sources into your ATS. 

Our solution makes job advertising a much more streamlined process, letting powerful algorithms generate up to five times the candidates using the same budget as before. 

With Talentify, you will always know which channels are performing best for you, with the software giving real-time updates across all channels so you can optimize your recruiting process.

Furthermore, our software not only finds the top candidates but makes it a point to keep candidates engaged throughout the entire recruitment process.

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Andrew France

Written by Andrew France

Andy France is the Head of Sales for Talentify, an innovative A.I. Recruitment Marketing company based in Orlando, Florida. Andy previously ran his own staffing firm focused on helping Veterans transition and has a background in helping enterprises use Marketing Automation and Mobile Applications. He remains passionate about connecting talent with opportunities. Andy loves golf and New Smyrna Beach, but above all he loves playing with his 10-month old son, EJ.