5 Great Recruiting Strategies Using Programmatic [Answers]

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The world has changed, particularly when it comes to talent acquisition. There has been a shift where companies have to genuinely compete in order to recruit top talent. This means better sourcing, increased candidate engagement, and strategic spending on the many job posting services available. 

Fortunately, all of these issues can be addressed through the utilization of programmatic recruiting solutions like Talentify.

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What Programmatic Means

We’ve gone into a lot more detail elsewhere about what programmatic recruitment is, but in brief, this is a system whereby machine learning and complex algorithms are used to not only help you find candidates that meet your specific needs, but also spend your advertising budget more wisely so that you can get more for less.

At its heart, you’re using artificial intelligence to learn what your business is looking for, then adjust resource allocation to better achieve those goals. While this isn’t a replacement for your recruiting team, it is a way to automate many of the most common talent acquisition tasks and free up your people to focus on other aspects of the process, including candidate engagement and interviewing.

A programmatic system doesn’t just crunch data, however. Advanced platforms are capable of reading the story of your data and determining what information is valuable and what isn’t. Every company is different in terms of priorities, location, industry, etc., so not every statistic will carry the same weight for every individual business. Part of the benefit of using programmatic recruitment is that the software works with you to figure out which numbers are going to result in better, less expensive hiring and which are just so much noise.


Integrating Programmatic Into Your Recruitment Strategy

Now that we’ve established what it is and why it’s important, let’s explore a few ways that you can use programmatic recruiting as an integral part of your overall talent acquisition strategy.

  1. Utilize Organic Channels - Not every recruitment solution does this, but utilizing organic sourcing channels can not only bring you candidates you can’t find elsewhere, it can significantly reduce the amount you spend on finding applicants. By focusing your recruitment strategy on getting as many candidates as possible from inexpensive or even free sources like Jobs on Facebook and Google for Jobs, you can afford to more effectively reach out to harder to find applicants on paid channels.
  2. Use Your Data - Because programmatic recruiting relies so heavily on data analysis, it also means that you are collecting data that can be used in conjunction with offline observations to continually optimize your approach. For example, if you find that a particular source brings in a number of applicants that don’t do well at the interview stage, you can adjust your approach to not focus as much on that channel. It will also help you to better understand how your wider recruitment strategy fits into company objectives.
  3. Screen Candidates More Effectively - One of the biggest time sinks in recruitment marketing is sifting through all of the unqualified candidates in order to find the ones who are likely to actually meet your needs. Programmatic recruiting solutions frequently include pre-screening systems that will let applicants know in advance whether they would be a good fit for a job so that nobody has to waste their time.
  4. Improve Candidate Experience - With the time saved by using a programmatic system, your talent acquisition professionals can interact more directly with applicants, keeping their attention and reducing candidate ghosting at several stages of the process.
  5. Implement Mobile-First Strategies - Every year, more people are turning to their phones as their primary way of accessing the Internet, and that includes job searching. If you haven’t optimized your recruiting strategy to take advantage of mobile technology and make it simple to apply for jobs on a smartphone, then you’re missing out. A quality programmatic recruiting solution can help you with this.

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As we continue to advance technologically, machine learning and AI-driven systems are going to become vital to talent acquisition. Even now, companies that are using programmatic are getting more qualified candidates for less, and that will only increase.

The short term investment in programmatic is minor compared to the long term consequences of not adopting it as a key part of your recruitment strategy.


Andrew France

Andy France is the Head of Sales for Talentify, an innovative A.I. Recruitment Marketing company based in Orlando, Florida. Andy previously ran his own staffing firm focused on helping Veterans transition and has a background in helping enterprises use Marketing Automation and Mobile Applications. He remains passionate about connecting talent with opportunities. Andy loves golf and New Smyrna Beach, but above all he loves playing with his 10-month old son, EJ.